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Texxon Plastics Corporation is the exclusive distributor of China General Plastics Corporation (CGPC) in Chicago for Midwest and East coast regions of the United States.  CGPC produces near 10 million pounds of PVC film each month and now become the 2nd largest PVC resin and PVC film manufacture in Taiwan since 1970s.  

With excellent product expertise, experienced production worker and state of art manufacture machinery, CGPC is specialized in flexible and rigid PVC film, as well as expended and non-expended supported PVC vinyl leather in excellent and consistent quality.    

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As the only direct distributor of CGPC in eastern parts of the United Stated, Texxon Plastics Corporation has been representing CGPC for stationary, printing, laminating and other PVC products in many different industries here in Chicago since 2004.  We work closely with our factory and R&D Department to develop any new project you have.  



 We work harder for all your special requirements


Our products can be custom made with your different requirements to meet the most current market demands include cold crack resistant, flame retardant, UV/mildew and weather resistant.  We defiantly produce your products with the Prop65 Non-phthalate specification includes certified test report from SGS testing laboratory.   


You may be surprised how we can make your life more colorful.




With over 40 years of production experiences, our production workers know your quality requirements down to every production details to bring you the best quality products.

we offer best vinyl products with excellent lay-flat and camber control.  You will find no pine holes and gels on our products for your most critical jobs.  




We have currently established warehouse services in East Coast for surrounding customers and we are always ready to setup warehouse service near you. 

We also offer great consignment sales agreement to tailor-made to fit you demand.

Last, we surly offer significant price discount on drop-ship orders with flexible credit and payment terms if you prefer.


We work around the clock to connect you and our factory seamlessly.

We can run your order in two to three weeks and deliver to your door as short as six weeks since you place order. 

We also offer free testing samples in timely fashion to develop new projects with you to ensure your schedule and budget are under your control.


Our Products

Film and Sheet Products


Flexible Film and Sheet        
Item Thickness(mm) Max. Width(inch) Hardness(PHR) Application
Shower Curtain 0.05 – 0.25 72 34 -60 Curtain for shower or window
Table Cloth 0.06 – 0.20 72 32 -50 With or without backing for table cloth or table cover
General Purpose 0.05 – 0.60 72 26 – 72 Bag, cover, rainwear, suit cover, furniture, vapor barrier, construction, wardrobe
Inflatable Toy 0.18 – 0.90 104 48 -75 Swim ring, float, mattress, boat
Pool 0.20 – 0.75 104 50 – 72 Above ground, under ground, fish pond
Waterbed 0.20 – 0.70 104 40 – 70 For main bed or lining 
Tape 0.10 – 0.50 55 36 – 54 Packaging, insulation tape, pipe wrapping, protection
Tarpaulin 0.05 – 0.70 112 32 – 80 Car cover, rain cover, window shade, advertising, pool
Out Door Sign 0.08 – 0.15 60 24 – 35 Sign, out door labeling
Label 0.08 – 0.15 60 24 -35 Label, decoration, sticker, stationery
Stationery 0.07 – 0.40 60 26 – 50 Binder, cover, lining, stationery pocket
Hi-Tack Film 0.15 – 0.30 72 54 -66 Glass protection, writing board, decoration
Rigid Film and Sheet        
Item Thickness (mm) Max. Width (inch) Application
Vacuum Forming 0.15 – 0.70 55 Fruit tray, food packaging, candy box, gift box, general packaging
Tile 0.07 – 0.10 55 Overlay or middle layer
Pressure Sensitive 0.08 – 0.15 55 Construction, sign
Door Panel 0.15 – 0.60 55 Door panel laminate, door membrane, edge trim, decoration
Ceiling Foil 0.07 – 0.10 55 Deep embossing and weathering are available
Cooling Tower Baffle 0.20 – 0.50 55 Suitable for the fabrication of vacuum forming and thermo forming
Stationery 0.12 – 0.55 55 Binder, cover, stationery cases
Printed Film and Sheet        
Printed Item Thickness (mm) Max. Width (inch) Hardness (phr) Application
Curtain 0.06 – 0.25 72 34 -60 Curtain for shower or window
Table Cloth 0.06 – 0.20 72 32 -50 With or without backing for table cloth or table cover
Inflatable toy 0.18 – 0.90 72 48 -75 Swim ring, float, mattress, boat
Pool 0.20 – 0.75 72 50 – 72 Pool of above ground and under ground, fish pond
Tarpaulin 0.05 – 0.70 76 32 – 80 Rain cover, window shade, advertising
Outdoor Sign 0.08 – 0.15 60 24 – 35 Sign, outdoor labeling
Stationery 0.07 – 0.40 60 26 – 50 Binder, cover, lining
General Purpose 0.05 – 0.60 72 26 – 72 Bag, cover, rainwear, suit cover, furniture, wardrobe
Laminated Film and Sheet        
Laminated Item Thickness (mm) Max. Width (inch) Hardness (phr) Application
Membrane 0.80 – 3.00 72 28 – 50 Water membrane for tunnel, underground construction
Clear Laminate 0.60 – 3.00 60 35 -60 Table mat, shoes material, bag, stationery
Two Colors Laminate 0.16 – 0.40 60 24 – 52 Sign, rain coat, window shade,covers
Furniture Lamination Film        
Item Thickness (mm) Max. Width (inch) Hardness (phr) Application
Furniture Lamination Film 0.7~0.15 54 24 – 28 Laminate on board


Waterproofing Membrane    

PVC membrane is illustrated by its worldwide acceptance as the workhorse material. Due to the polymers’ versatility and competition cost, PVC membrane are specified and used in a variety of applications where toughness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and conformability are required. CGPC PVC membrane can be used:
●Pond lining
●Pool lining
●Tank lining
●Moisture barrier
●Tunnel、Substructure、Dam seepage control
●Floating and Sports field covers


Physical Properties Test method Specified value Test method Specified value
Thickness DIN53370 2.0mm ASTM D1593 2mm
Tensile Strength DIN53455 15N/mm2 min ASTM D638 14N/mm2 min
Elongation at break DIN53455 250% min ASTM D638 225% min
Compressive strength at 20% strain DIN53454 2.5N/mm2 min ASTM D695 2.5N/mm2 min
Tear propagation strength DIN53363 100 N/mm min ASTM D1004 100 N/mm min
Resistance under water pressure(10bars/10hrs) DIN16726 No leakage ASTM D751 method A No leakage
Tensile strength of welded seam DIN16726 13.5N/mm2 min ASTM D638 12.6N/mm2 min
Dimensional stability(80°C/6hrs) DIN16726 ±2% max    
Water absorption(23°C/24hrs) DIN53495 1% max    
Resistance against acid and alkaline solutions(23°C/90days) DIN16726 ±2% max    
Behavior in fire DIN4102/1 Low combustibility    
Aging test:(80°C/24hrs)
(a)Appearance     Visual No Blisters
(b)Dimensional stability     Micrometer 1% max
(c)Change in tensile strength     ASTMD638 -5% max
(d)Change in Elongation     ASTMD638 -10% max
(e)Low Temperature folding     ASTMF137/ASTMD146 Bending 180° at -20°C no fissures

*Thickness:0.5 ~ 3.0mm Width:1000 ~ 1800mm Length:20meter or as specified

Anti-Corrosion Liner    CGPC Anti-Corrosion Liner is a sheeting designed with “KEY” which is mechanically fixed to concrete pipe’s or structure’s internal surfaces during the manufacturing process to provide permanent protection against chemical attack. Applications:
●Pipe liner.
●Manhole liner.
●Treatment plant internal surface liner.
●Substructures water-proofing and anti-corrosion.
●Chemical plant storage compartments.

Physical Property Test Method Acceptable Limits
Tensile Strength (both longitudinal and Transverse to key) ASTM D412 17.25 Mpa min
Elongation at Break (both longitudinal and Transverse to key) ASTM D412 225% min
Hardness Shore durometer D at 20℃ 54 min – 62 max
Plasticiser Permanence (24 hours at 90℃on 50Mm diam. disc) ASTM D1203-67 Method B 1.0% max.
Water Absorption at 24 hours (sample size 76mm x 25mm by Thickness of sheet) ASTM D570 0.10% max.
Water Soluble matter At 24 hours ASTM D570 0.05% max.
Tear Strength (both longitudinal and transverse to key) ASTM D1004 (Grip Speed 8.5mm/s) 80N/mm min.